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How Much Do Chiropractors Spend on Facebook Ads?

By May 17, 2022December 22nd, 2022No Comments

So there are two costs when it comes to Facebook ads for chiropractors.

Facebook Ad Spend for Chiropractors

The first cost is going to be the ad spend. This is the money that you spend with Facebook, no matter who runs your ads, whether you do it, staff member does it or an agency does it, you’re going to have to spend money with Facebook so that Facebook shows that ad to their audience.

The second expense that can come along with Facebook ads for chiropractors is if you hire an expert to do that for Facebook ads, only those can range anywhere from for an agency fee can range anywhere from $500 a month up to I’ve seen $3500 a month.

So it all kind of depends on you know, what is what is the agency offering? What are they doing?

I have found that the market has really started to settle in where it is. It’s really kind of like, you know,someone running Facebook ads for you. It saves you some time. Maybe you don’t have the expertise and they can get better results than you could for yourself.

So I have found that the agency fee for Facebook ads, specifically $500 to $1,000 is probably about what it’s worth. Anything above that, you’re just buying someone being really good at selling you on Facebook ads.

Chiropractic Facebook Ad Spend Average

So what do people spend in terms of ad spend is usually what they mean when they ask this question, and that can vary widely. I’ve seen chiropractors that spend 10,000 a month on Facebook ads, and I’ve seen chiropractors that, you know, try to get by with $100 a month.

I would say that the average chiropractor is probably in the $500 to $750 per month range.

Five hundred dollars a month is going to probably get you around 30 to 40,000 impressions. If you’re spending 500 a month, you’ll get about 30 to 40,000 impressions per month. That means that your ad was shown 30 to 40,000 times.

Now might show to the same people over and over again, or if you’re in a bigger area it’ll spread it out to a lot of individuals. So maybe the frequency won’t be as high. I talked about a big city versus a small town in the last question. And in a small town of say 10,000 people, that same 40,000 impressions is going to be seen a lot of times by individuals in that 10,000 person group in a city of 6 million. You know you’re probably going to only hit people one time with that ad. So 500 is kind of the minimum that I recommend just so that you can get enough volume out there so you can get the results that you’re looking for.

Chiropractic Facebook Ad Spend Metrics

But you need to know what your metrics are. So if you’re spending $500 and that’s getting you 40,000 impressions and that’s getting you, let’s say that’s getting you 20 leads and those 20 leads are turning into ten appointments and those ten appointments are turning into five care plans where you just reverse engineer the math.

And if five care plans are worth $7500 and you spend $500 on your ad spend and maybe you spent $1,000 on an agency to run it for you, what you just spent, you’ve got a five to one return on your investment, you spent 1500 and you got 7500.

If on the other hand you’re spending $500 and you’re, you know, getting five leads and two of them are showing up and one of them is converting and you’re, you’re getting 1500 dollars for your care plan and you’re spending 1500 over here well then you got to make a decision.

Is it worth just basically getting your money back? Most people would say no, if you are being successful, you’re getting that five to one return on your investment. Well now you have to start to incrementally spend more. As you spend more, do your cost per lead start to go up, do you not convert as well, or are things staying the same?

If you’re still doing five to one at $750 in ad spend, you’re still doing five to one at $1000 in ad spend at $1250 in ad spend, you get down to maybe four to one. At $1500, you get down to three to one. Now you’re starting to kind of hit the laws of diminishing returns.

So at some point you can only spend so much and keep getting the same return. So you want to try to test that. And if you’re becoming successful, it doesn’t make sense. If you still have room in your schedule for new patients, if you just brought in an associate and they need to get fed with some new patients, then you want to be spending more (Ii the campaigns are successful). And that works for any paid advertising, but especially for Facebook ads.

Nick Silveri

Dr. Nick Silveri owns LVRG Media, a content marketing agency that services chiropractors who want to create great content that attracts qualified new patients.

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