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Should Chiropractors Use Google Ads to Target Conditions? 

By May 24, 2022December 22nd, 2022No Comments

So with Google ads,  not everybody is going to type in ‘chiropractor near me.’ They may not know that chiropractic is the solution. So people know what they know. They know they have headaches. They know they have low back pain. 

If you’ve got successful pages on your website or well built out pages on your website, it could make sense to target conditions. Neuropathy is one that a lot of people like to target. The problem is, there’s not as much volume for any of these conditions as there are for basic services. 

Chiropractic Google Ad Strategy

So things like chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, weight loss, those are all either services, or weight loss is maybe less of a service more of a  condition or result. But those are the things that people are searching for in a high number in any area because people know that is the solution that I’m looking for for this problem. 

Not as many people are searching for conditions that you want to show up for. But if your practice is really built around a specific type of condition or a specific type of patient like pregnancy or pediatrics, or athletes, auto accidents, those things are probably worth targeting. 

My recommendation would be because there’s a lot more volume for the services that you offer (like chiropractic), that until you’ve really maxed that out, you shouldn’t go and target other things. I would rather spend the money going after services that you provide versus conditions. 

A lot of times when people are doing a search for conditions, they’re information gathering. And conversion numbers are much lower on conditions than they are on services. So always, always max out the services that you provide in the practice until you start working

Nick Silveri

Dr. Nick Silveri owns LVRG Media, a content marketing agency that services chiropractors who want to create great content that attracts qualified new patients.

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