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What is the role that chiropractic content marketing plays with a practice’s marketing strategy?

By April 29, 2022December 22nd, 2022No Comments

So content marketing, in my opinion, should be the center of any chiropractic practice’s marketing plan, whether that’s digital or offline. Everything should be built around educating your community and your patient base as much as possible around the things that you do and the conditions that you can help with.

Chiropractic Marketing Strategy

The role that it plays long term for a practice is that it can really help to grow the brand of the practice and establish the doctor or doctors as experts in their field, in their community. The more that people can hear what it is that you know, the more likely they are to to see you as an expert.

So many times I see 100% of an office is a marketing plan either offline or online, is all built around, is all built around lead generation.

So whether it’s Facebook ads, Instagram ads, tiktok ads, spinal screenings, you know, being on the back of the receipt at the grocery store. All of those things are just strictly bottom of the funnel.

People are ready to come in. They’re ready to make a purchase. I want to be in front of all those people. There is definitely a role for that.

Chiropractic Content Marketing

But the more that you can create a central role for content, the more likely those things are to work in the long run. Those things will always work in the short term. Some of them have the chance of working in the short term.

Long term, you tend to exhaust the audience if there isn’t content to help balance that out. If you’re able to establish yourself as an expert, say, for three years in your community,and then  run an ad for a new patient, that ad is going to be a lot more likely to be successful than if all you ever did in those three years was run an ad for a new patient special.

Nick Silveri

Dr. Nick Silveri owns LVRG Media, a content marketing agency that services chiropractors who want to create great content that attracts qualified new patients.

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