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Content Marketing For Chiropractors


As chiropractors, we know that our healthcare message is life-saving. Optimizing our nervous system to improve how our body functions from the tiniest cell to the biggest systems can unlock our true potential as human beings and instill that once elusive feeling of hope. But I don’t need to tell you that. You need to tell your community that!

The problem is that not enough people know about or trust chiropractic care to be their primary healthcare option. We have to shout our holistic good news from the mountaintops or a roof if you can’t find a mountain nearby. Content marketing is the secret to building a robust online presence and growing your practice to save more lives every day.

Content is king and can make you small town famous by:

  • Establishing Your Expertise
  • Educating Your Audience
  • Building Trust and Credibility
  • Increasing Website Traffic
  • Helping You Stand Out From The Competition

Chiropractic lore runs rampant. Most people are either skeptical of chiropractic care or don’t know if and how it could help them. Content allows your audience, neighbors, and future patients to understand the benefits and how it can improve their health and well-being. At the same time, they get a sense of your vibe and philosophy and can decide if it’s right for them. This is essential for converting leads who will best gel with your style and personality into ideal patients.

Competition in the chiropractic industry be fierce. At this point, every Chiropractor has jumped on the Silicon Valley wagon stocked with Facebook offers and Google ads. The problem with this rickety wagon is that anybody can come along and do the same thing as you, maybe even better, which means it has lost its competitive edge. There are so many offers out there from different docs, and they all look and sound the same. Building your brand by creating content, forging relationships in the community, and establishing your healthcare expertise is a competitive advantage no one can copy. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, and leave your ego at the door, this strategy will help you outlast even Facebook itself.

Content marketing for chiropractors is not about going viral; it’s about consistently inviting and educating your audience so they turn to you when a healthcare issue arises. It’s about leveraging your greatest asset, YOU! You stand out from the crowd as an expert they trust to help them live a life without limits.

VIDEO: Why Content Marketing Is So Important For Chiropractors

LVRG Media’s 3-Step Process To Help You Create Consistent and Effective Content

1. One on One Content Coaching with Dr. Nick

While not the sexiest, strategy may be the most critical aspect of creating effective content. At LVRG Media, our key advantage is the expert guiding this strategy is a chiropractor himself. Dr. Nick understands chiropractors’ struggles, experiences, and hopes for their practice. He’s consistently created content at his own practice since 2015, testing ideas and sharing these insights with you. One-on-one coaching allows you to have a voice in the process; he has no interest in pigeonholing you. Each chiropractor’s content is unique to them, focusing on their area of expertise, guided by the reliable hands of someone who has seen it all before.

VIDEO: Step 1 In Our Chiropractic Content Marketing Process

2. Making It Easy For You To Create The Content

Actual content creation is the fun part but also the scary part. This is where you get to be creative and show the world who you are, what you believe, and why you believe it. You get to showcase the unique aspects of your practice and brag, humbly, about your expertise. We understand that every office is different, and your content should reflect your voice and approach to care. When it comes to visual content, the lights and cameras can be distracting, and many people get anxious or in their heads. We’re committed to making this process as painless as possible, providing you with a range of tools, structures, strategies, and support for you and your team. It’s essential your hands create the content to ensure it truly reflects you and your brand. No other doctor can do what you do the way you do it; we’re here to make sure the world sees that.

VIDEO: Step 2 In Our Chiropractic Content Marketing Process

3. Taking Care of All The Technical and Time-Consuming Work To Get Your Content Seen

The technical aspect of content creation often poses a challenge for chiropractors. This is where having a team of experts is crucial, so all your hard work actually gets seen. Our elite squad of technical gurus is well-versed in chiropractic content and able to handle all your needs, from video editing to copywriting to posting to website building. The time and effort required to make a single piece of content successful, and the nuances involved on each platform, would leave you with no time to see patients. At LVRG, we take care of all these aspects and optimize your content for success. We like to stay ahead of the curve, constantly learning and adapting to the latest platform and industry changes. The support of experts handling complicated technical logistics is essential for consistency, which is critical to success.

VIDEO: Step 3 In Our Chiropractic Content Marketing Process

How LVRG Media Helps Chiropractors Use Their Content To Grow Their Practice

Social Media

If we’re going to put all this work into creating content, we want people to actually consume it, and as much of it as possible. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time creating great video content to get no or minimal engagement. Driving engagement is easier than you might think and doesn’t require fancy equipment or hiring the trendiest influencer to be your spokesperson. With the quirks of each platform, here are three simple hacks to driving up engagement across social media:

  1. Focus Down – focus on one thing or one lesson. The broader your video topic, the more vulnerable you are to fall down a rabbit hole leading nowhere good.
  2. Demonstrate – chiropractic is so physical it makes for great demonstrations. Viewers are desperate to see all the cool, miraculous things we can do.
  3. Find the Time Sweet Spot – 3-5 minutes for social, 7-10 minutes for YouTube and a podcast.
VIDEO: 3 Secrets to Getting More Engagement on Your Chiropractic Videos


SEO differs from paid advertising in that it’s free organic reach. It’s a bit more time-consuming and a heavier lift, but it can pay off for years down the road. Google is the town gossip everyone goes to when they need a referral for their problem. SEO is like networking with your town’s gatekeeper. The more Google knows about you – who you are, what you do, why you’re relevant – the more they can recommend you and your services to your neighbors. This is why content couldn’t be more critical. High-quality, original, and relevant content is favored by search engines as it helps to establish a website as an authority on a particular topic, which is crucial to achieving higher rankings. Content should be well-researched, engaging, and regularly updated to boost its credibility. A website optimized for SEO is more likely to see increased traffic, higher engagement, and more conversions.

Your website could win a Nobel prize in aesthetics, but if it doesn’t have the relevant content or technical build-out Google is looking for, you won’t get the organic traffic you deserve. It helps to have specialists manage the intricacies of on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, and local SEO. Creating compelling content and having experts who understand the nuances of SEO optimization are key to helping you rank in search. Google is constantly updating its algorithm, and that can mess with your search result ranking. The secret to future-proofing your reputation is content. No matter the update, Google will value content above all else.

VIDEO: Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Chiropractic Website Copy To Someone Else


Many see YouTube as a website with a bunch of random videos, but it’s really the world’s second-largest search engine. 694,000 videos are streamed on the platform each minute. Leveraging YouTube’s visibility is crucial to increasing brand awareness. Your brand, yes, but chiropractic’s as well. People must know you exist to take advantage of your services. The same is true for the industry as a whole. There is a huge untapped marketing of people who don’t know the all-natural, non-invasive healing power of chiropractic care. More awareness about chiropractic could transform healthcare in this country, not to mention our industry.

YouTube has videos on every topic under the sun. So whether your passion as a chiropractor is athletes or scoliosis, plantar fasciitis or pediatrics, sharing content on YouTube allows you to engage with your community and establish yourself as a healthcare expert. The 90% of the population not under chiropractic care aren’t seeing chiropractors because they feel great, it’s because they don’t know that chiropractors can help with their issues. Hijack your neighbor’s YouTube algorithm, sneak into their playlist, and have the chance to show them their potential with chiropractic care.

VIDEO: Why Every Chiropractor Should Be Creating Content For Their Community

Website Conversions

Your practice website is your most important digital asset. It’s a new patient’s first impression, and you only get one chance at that. You want people to be able to find your business, and once they’ve found it take advantage of your services. Without traffic, you can’t convert, and without conversions, you can’t get any new patients.

At LVRG, we drive organic traffic to your website, the hub of your marketing wheel, funneling traffic to your website using organic, thoughtful, and unique content on social media platforms. This content catches passive users, giving you a chance to tell them who you are, what you believe, and how you can transform their lives. Our focus on creating videos around each step of your process allows people to get a sense of what their experience will be like. It demystifies a process that they’ve probably only heard about through gossip and lore. Video can show leads how you’re different than other practices in town.

Our custom StoryBrand websites make the patient the hero to clarify your message and grow your business. Dr. Nick is the only certified StoryBrand guide who is also a chiropractor. This gives us more control when driving traffic and increasing conversions.

VIDEO: The 2 Most Important Chiropractic Website Metrics and How Your Content Can Help Both

Brand Building

Our strategy focuses on content because it’s critical to building a brand that can survive broad economic or public health shifts in society as well as the performance inconsistency of lead generation ads. We want our clients to be thought leaders and health experts in their community. The person everyone turns to for answers. To be that person, you must build trust with your audience and continually engage with them. Fortifying your credibility takes time, but we’re in it for the long haul. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the second best time is NOW. Don’t be caught off guard by disruption to your external, internal, or digital marketing campaign. Build a brand strong enough to weather any storm.

VIDEO: Why Chiropractors Should Think of Their Brand Like a Bank Account

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