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Do Facebook Ads work for chiropractors?

Facebook Ads can work for all types of businesses but don’t always work for every business. Chiropractic is no different.

At LVRG Media, we have a wide range of clients, and many are super successful with Facebook Ads. Others struggle. The strategy, the copy, and the creative are similar when it comes to those two different types of practices, but there are a million different details that go into whether you’re going to be successful with Facebook ads for chiropractors.

One of them is the competition in your area – are other people running similar Facebook ads? Another is the size of your audience. We’ve got a client who lives in a town in Iowa of 6,000 people, and we have clients in Manhattan and downtown Chicago. Those are two very different environments.

Another thing is the offer itself. Is the offer compelling, do people want it? If you’re doing a $199 Chiropractic New Patient Special, you’re likely not going to have a lot of success because you haven’t built up enough value to entice people into that offer. If you’re running a $39 massage special, you’re going to get cheap leads versus if you run the same $39 special for chiropractic because people are more likely to show up for a massage than they are to show up for a chiropractic appointment.

In advertising, there are so many different components that it’s hard to say whether one place will be more successful than another. What you have to do is test your offer. Test the creative and test the copy. Even if you start unsuccessful with it, you can still find a successful campaign.

Many people have tried multiple agencies and haven’t succeeded, and then they try a different approach. We take a different approach than other agencies. Sometimes, that different way of doing things or a different strategy creates the results that you’re looking for.

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