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How does chiropractic content marketing help on social media and your website?

Social media is what we call an attention-based platform, meaning that people’s attention is spent on their newsfeeds. The nice part about social media is that you’re able to create your own newsfeed with people and information you’re interested in following and want to consume on a daily basis. Most people spend the vast majority of their time inside of their own newsfeeds, they very rarely go into individual channels.

So, the real opportunity for content marketing on social media is injecting our content into those newsfeeds. There are two ways of doing this – organically or through paid advertising.

Organically, audiences have to decide to follow you. People curate their newsfeeds much more than they did when social media was first getting off the ground, and the problem with chiropractic is it’s not exactly the sexiest topic. Not many people are dying to find out more information about it. It’s more transactional – they have a problem, and so they seek a solution. If you’re building a brand as a natural healthcare doctor on a national scale, you’ll take different tactics than most people just trying to build a local brick-and-mortar brand.

Paid advertising helps push your content out into the community. On social media – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter – you can push your content out into the newsfeeds of people who live within a certain vicinity of your practice.

Step one is you have to create the content.
Step two is deciding how to distribute that content and get it out in front of other people.

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