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How does chiropractic content marketing help with SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization – how well your website ranks for the keywords that interest you. If you’re trying to attract someone with a specific condition or looking for a particular service, you need content on your website that talks about that condition or that type of service.

Content marketing can help improve your SEO and ranking in search results. Your website is going to benefit from written content a lot more than it’s going to benefit from video content. Because Google owns YouTube, your YouTube optimization can play a role in your website’s SEO, but that’s much more complicated. The primary way Google decides who shows up first, second, third, and so on in search results is the written content on a website.

The more that you can create content that is unique to you and really answers the searchers’ query, the more likely Google is to give you that top ranking. If you get the top ranking for highly trafficked keywords, you’re more likely to get more traffic to the website. When dealing with local audiences, keywords outside of “chiropractic” might not have that much volume. Services – like massage therapist or weight loss – will have decent volume depending on the size of your city, but conditions and types of patients tend to have lower search volumes.

That doesn’t mean those low-volume keywords are not important. If you get 20 website visitors who found you after a “shoulder pain” search and you’ve got a great shoulder pain page built out because shoulder pain is something you like to care for, that can translate to ideal patients walking through the door.

Creating content for your website not only helps you with your SEO but it also helps you convert people once they make it onto the website. And people who convert through content on a website tend to walk into the practice much more open to what you have to say than someone who just clicked on a coupon ad on social media.

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