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How many leads per month should chiropractors get from Facebook Ads?

Not all Facebook ads are created the same. Not every Facebook ad is a new patient special; some might be for an open house, and others might be for dinner with the doc.

Let’s just talk about lead generation for chiropractic new patient specials. It’s all a math problem. With the average cost per lead at $20 to $40, if you’re spending $3,000 a month, you can expect about 100 leads a month. If you’re spending $6000, you can expect about 200 leads a month. You need to decide how many leads you need to convert to be profitable.

You also need to make sure that your processes are in place to help with conversion numbers:

  • How are your follow-up sequences solid?
  • Is your front desk on top of it when somebody asks a question, calls, or schedules an appointment?
  • Are you collecting payments over the phone to avoid no-shows?
  • Is your close rate 80%? Or is it 40%?

All of these things factor into deciding how many leads per month you need to be successful.

Remember, agency fees are fixed. Most agencies don’t charge you more if you spend $500 a month or $1,500 a month on ad spend. If you can get triple the amount of leads for the same fixed agency fee, costs start to come down in terms of cost per lead. You want to spend as much as you can while still being profitable.

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