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How much do Google Ads cost chiropractors?

You can spend as much as Google is willing to take as long as there’s enough demand for it and enough clicks for it. The average chiropractor is spending around $500 a month on Google ads. I think that is a very low number. Again, you should be spending as much as you can to fill your practice with new patients while staying profitable on the conversion rates.

Every geographical market is so different, but in terms of cost per click (CPC), which is how much you are spending for an individual click when someone is looking for a chiropractor, a good number to keep things under is $10. Anything over $10 starts to kind of get expensive quickly,

CPCs over $10 usually mean you’re in a bigger area, which means there’s more volume of those types of searches, so you can spend a lot more money. I’ve seen areas where it can be $20 per click, depending on the keyword, but you want to be competitive.

  • You need to be spending
  • You need to know what the market will bear
  • You need to be smart about which keywords you’re targeting
  • You need to block negative and irrelevant keywords

With a $10 cost per click or something in the single digits, you’re going to be able to get the volume that you need for a reasonable budget—anything over $10 starts to get expensive a little bit quicker.

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