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Should a chiropractor do Google Ads instead of Facebook ads?

I’m not an either-or type of person. I’m more of an AND guy. I think people should be doing Google Ads and Facebook Ads because they are two different strategies that target two different groups of people.

Google Ads allow you to show up when someone is at the bottom of a marketing funnel when they are ready to make a purchase. You want to show up everywhere you can on the Facebook Ads side. Even if it’s just lead generation, you want to be out there making those offers as much as you can so that when people are ready, they can take advantage of those offers. You might be able to catch people before they go to Google and just type in “chiropractor near me”.

If you’re making an offer on Facebook, where their attention is, you might catch them before they do that Google search and start comparing you to everybody else. With Facebook, you’re making the offer, so you’re going to be the one who gets that lead.

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