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Should chiropractors have a StoryBrand website?

Every chiropractor should have a website. StoryBrand websites are going to give you the best chance of really speaking to that ideal patient and converting them into a new patient appointment.

StoryBrand is based on a book called Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller. StoryBrand takes the components of storytelling, specifically the hero’s journey, and uses that to tell the story of your practice or brand.

StoryBrand is the best type of website for a chiropractor because it forces you to clarify your message and stay focused on who the hero of the story is: your ideal patient. This focus allows you to structure the website in a way that will hopefully lead to a higher percentage of conversions.

If you have a website right now that’s not optimized for your ideal patient, not telling the story of your practice, and only converting 5% of traffic, you need to take a hard look at its structure, framework, how it’s dealing with the specific wants and needs of your ideal patient, and how it funnels them towards your desired conversion.

Most websites I look at are not intentional and take a scattershot approach, leading to lower conversions. Having a StoryBrand website allows you to be more strategic with your messaging and the conversion factors on your site.

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