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What is chiropractic SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.
Chiropractic SEO is SEO done for chiropractors.

A lot of chiropractors don’t spend the money, time, or attention on SEO that they should. SEO allows you to show up when someone is searching for a specific keyword. What most chiropractors need to focus on is local SEO, which means trying to show up for keywords that include the “city” and the “state” or that include “near me.” Focusing on local SEO lets Google know to show local results versus national results like WebMD or Mayo Clinic.

SEO is broken down into three parts.

  • On-Page – the written content on the page.
  • Off-Page – the signals the page sends throughout the internet, including backlinks, where other websites link back to your website.
  • Technical – the structure of your website, page speed, mobile responsivity, etc…
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