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What is the best offer for a chiropractic Facebook ad?

If we’re talking about a new patient lead generation offer, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

The offer can’t be too cheap. The lower you go, the more leads you’re going to get; the higher you go, the less leads you’re going to get. Inversely, the higher you go, the more likely the lead will show up and the more qualified they’ll be. A low offer will get more leads but also more tire kickers, more one-and-dones, and more people who don’t show up, waste your staff’s time, or drive them crazy. $49 is our standard offer. It’s a middle ground that doesn’t seem too cheap or too expensive to the consumer. You can always go up or down from there based on the results.

One essential thing is to include anything you provide on day one in that offer. In the past, clients have created friction by upselling X-rays once someone comes in. Come up with a price you’re comfortable with for everything that must be included on day one.

On day two, if you want to sell the adjustments separately and just do the report of findings, letting them decide if they want to commit to a care plan or not, that’s fine. I’ve seen some people offer a three-visit package or add spinal decompression, laser, or massage treatment. Though those packages will start at a higher price.

You want to keep it simple. My preference is to just keep it with day one. That way, people understand the details. They know they’re coming in for the consultation, exam, and X-rays, and they know the price. This ensures a fair exchange where nobody’s upset. They know if they show up for day two, they can decide then what to do in terms of care.

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