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3 Different types of Website SEO Chiropractors Must Focus On

By May 25, 2022March 13th, 2024No Comments9 min read

Hey what’s up, everybody? This is Dr. Nick with LVRG media, and today I want to talk to you about the three different types of SEO that you have to focus on with your website if you expect to dominate your area. 

Chiropractic Website Optimization

So as a chiropractor, you know that your website every year is getting more and more important. And the more that Google really starts to consolidate the search traffic, the more important it becomes to follow the rules that they have. Do the things that are going to be effective for them. 

Now, you can have the best looking website in the world. But if you don’t have the back end done correctly, if you don’t have the things on the site that are important to ranking, then you are not going to get a lot of organic traffic. Maybe you are paying to get clicks and to get traffic to your website. 

And what we’re going to be talking about today is going to be organic traffic that you will earn because you have been seen as the most relevant for whatever keywords you’re trying to show up for. So the three different types of SEO are going to be on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. Bonus one here at the end. 

Chiropractic On-page SEO

So first, on the on-page SEO, it’s probably the thing that most chiropractors focus on when it comes to their website. And this is really the content, the words, that are on the site itself. So when it comes to any type of keyword that Google is ranking for, it’s always looking to satisfy the searchers intent and determine who is the most relevant of the options that you can show. 

Now if someone’s looking for a condition, Google ranks prominently who has the best page that’s built out the best, that has the best relevant information around that condition or service. If it’s chiropractic, it’s going to be your homepage. Again, you can have a beautiful homepage. But if the technical aspects aren’t there, if the content pieces that Google is looking for aren’t there, you’re not going to rank as well as you would like. 

So making sure that you’re on-page SEO, this includes the URL itself (like This could be your title tags, your meta description, the actual words that are on the page,and you get what your one tag which is basically the headline of the page. So anything that you are doing on the page itself, that’s going to be really important, because that’s what Google is going to be crawling. 

Chiropractic Off-page SEO

The second type is going to be off-page. So if on-page was about your content optimization, off-page is going to be about promoting your website out in the rest of the internet. So this is where your citations come into play. 

This means regarding your Facebook page, you need to make sure that you have the same name, address and phone number. With Google business profile, you want to make sure that basically all the different places that you can gather citations for that name, address and phone number that you’re doing. The more you have, the better off it is that basically counts as a link back to your website. 

So links are almost like votes out on the internet for your website over someone else. If you have 1000 backlinks (which is another website linking to you), and everything else is basically the same between you and a competitor, and you have 1000 backlinks and they have 200 backlinks, you’re probably going to win that ranking battle. It’s a very important metric that Google uses and so you always want to be building those out. 

So that starts with your citations, which is really just like online directories that can have your name, address and phone number. And then you also want to be focusing on sites that are linking back to your page locally. So if you’re sponsoring anything, if you are part of the Chamber of Commerce, if you do anything out in the community, trying to get links from those websites back to your website that are hyper local to you are going to be really important for a local business in people’s eyes. 

And then lastly, something that a national company would focus on is the content that they’re creating, say a blog post. Let’s say I did a video or a blog post on five ways to get more links for your chiropractic website. And there was maybe one of the magazines, maybe one of the coaching groups, that wrote up an article and they linked back to that blog post that I did. That would be really helpful to me because it’s within the same industry.

So I’m trying to get chiropractors as clients having other chiropractic businesses link back to me with the important Google’s eyes. It works the same way with local businesses for you. If you’re in the same area, it’s unlikely that you’re going to get a lot of legitimate content linking back to your content, usually just because chiropractors aren’t writing anything that’s that groundbreaking to where anyone would really want to get back to it. 

Now there’s a lot of scammy versions of this, like a content mill that will link to your website. The problem is that Google understands that, and they don’t value it a lot. They have their own internal system of deciding that video of the New York Times linking to your website is going to matter a lot more than one of these content mills. They give it an authority score in their algorithm that tells them what’s more important than others. 

So off-page SEO can also include social media. So if people are talking about your brand, if there’s lots of other content out there, you’ve noticed more and more Facebook videos are starting to show up inside of Google search engine results, podcast tweets, so the more that you can just kind of be out. 

That’s why I think it’s so important to have a really comprehensive approach when it comes to your online presence because you never know what Google’s gonna find relevant and what time you just want to kind of be out there for everything when it comes to the things you care about. 

Chiropractic Technical SEO

The third piece is going to be technical SEO. So this is usually not something that you want to spend a lot of your time worried about. This is going to be, you know, do you have a mobile responsive site? Do you have a secure certificate, so you have an HTTPs versus an HTTP up at the beginning of your URL? How’s the Page Speed? 

There’s something called core web vitals that Google really cares about right now. How are your core web final scores? These are technical things on the back end of your website, and this is why even if you own your website, you want to have somebody who specializes in websites helping you to manage the functionality of it. 

So most of you that are renting websites, from companies, chiropractic website companies, this is the thing that they should be doing as part of that month. If you own your website, you have to make sure that you either have the plugins set or somebody to optimize that on an ongoing basis. 

Chiropractic Local SEO

The fourth bonus type of SEO for chiropractors in the local SEO. So this is going to be mainly around your Google business profile, which again, it used to be Google My Business. So this is where your reviews show up in the map pack. The more that you can optimize that listing, the better. Google is always making changes and additions, taking things out, adding things in. So you always want to be checking in maybe like once every couple of weeks, once a month just to see if everything is filled out the way that it should be. 

The more information that the more relevant they see your listing versus someone else, the more likely they are showing you in that map so local SEO can mean your Google My Business Profile or Google business profile, but also your website. So they’re kind of working together in terms of that relevancy factor for Google. So all of this stuff I talked about on page, the Off Page, technical, local SEO, but local SEO is going to have different requirements, different priorities, than say a national company.

So the things that I have to do for my practice are very different from the things that I have to do for LVRG media because LVRG media is an international company versus local brick and mortar. So there are certain things that are going to really matter with local SEO, for national, and international companies.

Nick Silveri

Dr. Nick Silveri owns LVRG Media, a content marketing agency that services chiropractors who want to create great content that attracts qualified new patients.

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