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Chiropractic Landing Page vs Website

By May 20, 2022December 22nd, 2022No Comments6 min read

What’s up everybody this is Dr Nick with leverage media, and today I want to talk to you about google ads and whether you should be sending them to a landing page or to the homepage of your website.

Chiropractic Google Ads Tutorial

So there’s been a debate you know probably as long as google ads have existed on whether you should be sending that traffic to your website and letting it do the work you know putting it into your normal marketing funnel.  Or if you should be sending people to a specific landing page for those google ads which makes it easier to track and easier to calculate the ROI. Now there’s probably pros and cons on both. But the too long do not read answer to this is that I personally think that you should be setting your website up in a way to where it can capture leads at a at a fairly high rate. So I think you should be sending them to your website.

Now if you have a terrible website then there may be an argument to be made for sending them to a you know professional looking sales landing page. But here’s why I don’t love sending people to a sales landing page: Usually the reason why people are going that route is because the marketing agency wants to track as many of those clicks into leads (into new patients) as possible so they can report back to you how successful their marketing campaign was. The problem with that is that people when they click (especially if somebody types in ‘chiropractor city-state’ or ‘chiropractor near me’) the thing that they’re looking for is most at that point they’re probably in the comparison shopping mode. So they’re wanting to look at different offices, and try to get a sense of the vibe, and the doctors and what they specialize in. 

So when you are running Google ads, ideally you’re showing up at the very top of page one, of the top two or three selections. Ideally you’d be at the very top of the page of those two or three selections, and then you might be showing up in the map pack where somebody can compare your office to another office on the review number and the number of stars that you have. So if they click on that, and they go through to a real hard sales pitch where the whole thing is about getting them to put in their name, phone number, and email address (which is great for the marketing company because they can track that), the patient is probably not ready. As much as we would like for them to do that, I don’t think that that’s the way human nature works.

Chiropractic Landing Page

Now if you send them to a website that they love, that’s got a great aesthetic to it, it’s got a vibe that they like. It looks like the office matches up with it, with what they’re looking for, then they could just stop there and they could just make that appointment through the website. But if you’re just sending them to a hard sales page, those people that are in that comparative shopping mode, they’re probably going to bounce off of that and go look at someone else.

So in my opinion I think that most people are a lot of times unaware that they’re clicking on ads. So when they do click on the ads, they are expecting a normal website experience versus what used to be $395 slashed through and now it’s $19 for this exam. That’s not the first impression that you’re hoping to make on those people that have really high intent. If somebody has typed in ‘chiropractor near me’ they are ready to go into a chiropractor’s office, but I think they’re still in that comparison shopping mode. They’re looking to decide which office is going to be best for them. 

So when you’re thinking about it, think of the pros and cons. Obviously the pros of the landing page (and when I say landing page, I usually mean like a click funnels, one-page sales page where you’re just trying to push the traffic into setting up an appointment), is that you’re going to be able to track the leads that come through there. The con is going to be that you’re going to have a high bounce rate. A lot of people that it’s too far down the sales funnel for at the moment, are going to go and look at someone else. 

Chiropractic Website for Google Ads

When you send them to your website, the pros are that they get a sense to kind of look around see if they match up with what it is that you’re offering to learn more about you. The con is that it sometimes is harder for that to be tracked at that point. Because once they get into the uh you know the different pages of your website they could kind of come through uh different pieces of the funnel or I guess different marketing funnels that you might have set up they might just call the office directly. They might schedule in it or maybe they come back to it in schedule and it’s not trackable through the google ads. 

So you have to kind of be okay with things not being perfectly trackable when you are sending google ads through to your website but that’s okay because you’re going to get a higher conversion rate and as long as you’re tracking the overall number of leads that you’re getting that say they found you on google. 

You can kind of assume that if you’re doing SEO work and Google ads, and you’ve got a significant budget you can assume that you know kind of all of those things are working together to get you more leads and get you more conversions. So hopefully that helps. I know that sometimes people you know want things to be a certain way, But when you really think through it as like what normal people do, I think the website way is the right way to go so hopefully that helps and we’ll see on the next one.

Nick Silveri

Dr. Nick Silveri owns LVRG Media, a content marketing agency that services chiropractors who want to create great content that attracts qualified new patients.

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