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Chiropractic Website SEO Tips

By June 1, 2022March 13th, 2024No Comments9 min read

Hey, what’s up everybody? This is Dr. Nick withLVRG media and today I want to talk to you about how your chiropractic SEO, or lack thereof, may be costing you $100,000 or more every single year. 

Chiropractic website traffic analytics

So, why, how is it costing you over $100,000 per year (even if you’re a smaller practice)? The reason why I think that it could potentially cost you more than six figures per year is that the average case in a chiropractic office, kind of across the country I found, is about $1,500. 

So if you take $1,500, and let’s say that if you had the greatest chiropractic SEO program available. You were doing every single thing you possibly could be doing, you’re showing up for all the keywords, you’re ranking number one, you’re doing everything right. Minimally, I don’t care how small of a town you’re in. Minimally, you’re gonna get yourself an extra five new patients a month. 

You add $1,500, multiply $1,500 by five, you’re at $7,500 a month. And you multiply that by 12, that’s roughly about $90,000. And I think that five is like a super, super low number if done the right way. 

So how is it that you’re like let’s say you have something where you consider, you know, you’re doing SEO, right? If you’re doing SEO exclusively just to rank number one, and you’re not worried about what happens after they click on your page. If you have a website company throw something up what they’ve thrown up for hundreds of other chiropractors, and it’s so watered down that it can work for hundreds of other chiropractors and not use specifically, then even though you feel good that they show you a report.  “Hey, we’re ranking number one for this keyword and that keyword in this one over here.” It doesn’t mean that that’s translating into the types of cases that you’re hoping to get into your practice. 

If you were to personalize and customize that content to your message and really allow them to get to know you, what kind of difference would that make in the SEOs production over the course of a month or a quarter or a year or a decade? 

Chiropractic Website SEO

Now if you have none, if you’ve got I’ve seen some really bad websites and just have like no chance of showing up for a lot of the keywords that they tell me are important to them. Then you just are at zero. The people that at least have a chiropractic SEO strategy, they’re doing something or their website company is doing something for them. Those people are probably getting some conversions out of that even though the conversion percentage could be higher. 

But if you’re not even showing up, like if you say that your practice is tailored towards car accidents, and you have no content on your website around car accidents, and that’s all that you care about, and it’s all that you want. But they have no way of finding you if they’re actually typing in, you know, chiropractor for car accidents near me. If there’s no way for them to find you there then you’re just not getting any of those people. 

Now there are certain keywords that have higher volumes than others. So there you know, if somebody’s looking for a chiropractor, that’s a very competitive keyword, everybody that’s a chiropractor is trying to rank for that keyword. But there may be some like you know, supporting services that you do where there might be a certain condition. 

Scoliosis is a good one. There might not be real high volume keywords. But if you do scaly brace, and you’re like an expert in CVP and you love dealing with scoliosis patients, those cases might be five, six, seven, a thousand dollars. You don’t need 10 of those a month to make. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re collecting, you know, $200,000 a month or if you’re collecting $10,000 a month. 

People when they go to Google and they type in the keyboard that they’re looking for. They don’t know who the expert is versus not. I mean, the reason why they’re on Google doing the search in the first place is because they haven’t decided who the expert is. So if you can position yourself as that expert, then that is going to turn into new patients. 

So if you are either not doing this at all, or you are just outsourcing it and you’re kind of burying your head in the sand, thinking that it’s great SEO just because they give you a report that your ranking for important keywords, but if the content is bad, it’s not going to convert once someone gets on to the page. 

And in another video I talked about last click if you’re getting clicked on because say you got ranked number one because your website company builds you out a page for this keyword. If you get that click as the number one ranked chiropractor, and they look at it and they see three paragraphs of basically nothing and they just click back and they go to the next person who actually took some time to build out their page. Over time, you’re probably going to get jumped by that number two result just because that content is going to be seen as more relevant in Google’s eyes. 

Increase chiropractic website traffic

So take your case visit average which if you don’t know how to do that: just take the last three months or the last year, and then divide by the number of new patients that you have, or the people that find you via content and are able to consume some videos and read about how you help and you have this great page that really answers what they’re looking for. Those people are very likely to show up. And they’re a lot more likely than just like a random stranger that doesn’t know much about you that came in through a Facebook ad to convert into a care plan. 

So if you’re normally at 60%, maybe these people are going to be able to close at 80%. So what you might want to do is take your total amount of collections and divide it by the number of people that started a care plan. That would give you a more accurate way to calculate a case visit average of someone who actually started so the $1500 is kind of based off of all new patients. 

But if you took out the people that didn’t end up starting. They just came in for one or two visits. You’re probably looking at closer to $2000 to $2500 in some cases. So again, if you’re getting five qualified people that are looking for you specifically now because they feel like they’ve discovered you and you get an extra five of those at $2000 a month. There’s $10,000 extra dollars. And again, doesn’t matter whether you’re the biggest guy in town, or you just started out you can do it. It works the same way for either one. 

That’s what’s so great about SEO is that they don’t really come in with a dog in the fight. They’re just looking for who’s gonna give them the best information. That’s an extra $10,000 a month which for a lot of offices that are just starting out or maybe have kind of hit a plateau, that can make a big difference. 

So you know, a lot of people run their practices to where whatever they’re collecting. They’re able to make a living off of it and pay their overhead. If you add an extra $10,000 onto most offices, it’s not going to increase the amount of expenses that you have, you probably wouldn’t have to hire a new person for an extra $10,000 in collections each month. So that becomes almost purely profit if you’re the one that’s seeing all the patients. 

So your SEO, or lack thereof, can be costing you a lot of money. But no one’s going to call your office and tell you that they didn’t choose you because you didn’t show up in the top three search engine results. So you have to make sure that when you want to be known for something, if you want to be found when someone is doing a search, you’ve got to put the effort in. 

You’ve got to know how to do the technical things the right way or you have to hire someone who does and you’ve got to put the content, the effort into the content creation process that’s going to allow people to feel like they’ve discovered you on their own time and their own way. Anytime that you can instead of forcing yourself into people’s feeds with offer after offer after offer after offer. That’s all they ever see of you. That’s all they’re ever going to think about you.

But if they are able to find you when they’re looking for solutions, that’s a whole different dynamic. Those people are way more likely to show up. They’re way more likely to convert and you’re able to grow your practice and serve more people. 

So if you’re not doing a lot of consistent content for your website, if you’re not focused on your SEO, only focused on paid advertising or social media ads, you really need to kind of reshift the paradigm and make sure that you’re focused on the sprint. 

Get people in that are looking for a chiropractor, but also think about the long term and the marathon of SEO and how that can really pay off.

Nick Silveri

Dr. Nick Silveri owns LVRG Media, a content marketing agency that services chiropractors who want to create great content that attracts qualified new patients.

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