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Why Your Chiropractic Website Content Is Crucial To Ranking #1

By June 17, 2022December 22nd, 2022No Comments7 min read

Hey what’s up everybody, this is Dr. Nick with LVRG media. And today I want to talk to you about why your chiropractic website is so crucial to the ranking in the map pack and why the quality of that website is is probably one of the biggest factors, especially when we get into keywords outside of just chiropractic.

Chiropractic Website Content

So your website and your Google business profile, which used to be called Google My Business are really interconnected. So when you build out your Google business profile, you will usually a link to the homepage of the website with most chiropractic offices. That’s going to be where you would want to link if you have like integrative practice or you’ve got a lot of different services you may want to link specifically to a chiropractic page, but with the vast majority of us will be linking to our homepage. The quality of not only that page, but also the website itself is going to be really used as a signal to Google on who is going to be ranking at the top.

So right now in the map pack, which is, there’s the Google ads and then when somebody types in: chiropractor, city, state or chiropractor near me, there’s the Google ads, then there’s the map, then there’s the organic URLs underneath that. Well, that map section is what I call the map pack. And there’s only three organic listings there in your town, or city, or maybe, you know, dozens, if not hundreds of chiropractors that want to rank for that specific keyword. Google is going to pick the three that are the most relevant.

And one of those pieces that it uses is the relevancy of the search, and then also the prominence of the business itself. So the relevancy is going to be like this is why it may be important for you to link to a chiropractic page instead of the homepage if you offer a lot of different services. Because if you have a homepage for say, like, like an Integrated Wellness Center, or just like a Wellness Center in general, where chiropractic was, you know, maybe 25% of the practice. On the homepage, you’re gonna have to be talking about all the different services which is just going to kind of dilute things in Google’s mind. Versus someone who only does chiropractic, their name has Chiropractic in it, their homepage only talks about chiropractic.

That person is probably going to have a leg up over the person who is trying to talk about, you know, multiple different services. So that’s going to be around the relevancy. But that prominence, that’s gonna be the piece where the quality of your website, the quality of the content, the quality of the different condition pages or types of patient pages, services, all of these different pages that you build out inside of your website that’s going to really start to make a difference in Google’s mind about how prominent you are versus someone else.

Take for example, if somebody has like a three page website, and you’re over here with a 50 page website. And all 50 of those pages are really important and really, you know, dense in quality and relevant and you know, they add something to the search. Well that 50 page website is gonna be a lot more likely to rank over say you know, three to five page website that really is just a homepage with maybe a contact us and a meet the doctors.

Google Map Pack for Chiropractic

So investing in the website not only can help you at the bottom where the organic results are, but it can also help you in the map pack itself.

Now when people are looking for non chiropractic keywords. Like say they’re looking for shoulder pain treatment near me. If you’ve got a great shoulder pain page and orthopedists in town don’t really focus a whole lot on SEO. Or the hospitals don’t really focus that much on like conditions. If you’ve got the best page in town around shoulder pain, then Google is going to not only show your pain, but you’re going to be more likely to show up in the map pack as well.

So especially around conditions around types of patients. These are things that that the quality of the pages on your website and your website as a whole can really start to give you more impression share throughout the entire spectrum of keywords that you want to show up for. Too many times chiropractors focus entirely on people that already know they need a chiropractor and they don’t have a chiropractor, so they’re just going to Google to find one.

But you know, only 10% of the population sees a chiropractor on any you know, in any given year. 90% of the population does not. They still have, of the 90% of those people have problems that a chiropractor could could help with, and I’m talking about musculoskeletal not just like increasing wellness. But like real, organic or musculoskeletal conditions that they are probably wanting to improve the chiropractic could help with if they just knew that chiropractic was the solution. So having those those great pages and that’s why when we’re building out content, it’s not we’re not just focused on social media. But we’re also focused on the pages that can show up when people are doing searches.

Chiropractic Google Maps Listing

That is going to roll over into the map pack as well, because Google’s always looking to show the most relevant things at every piece of the search engine results page.

So make sure that you are not if you really want to rank and you’ve got great reviews and you’re you’re struggling to get your listing to show up in that top three. Look to your website a lot. There’s a lot of signals that come from the quality of the website. So don’t just focus on the Google business profile. Don’t think that reviews gonna save you when when things start to shift around, because you know, reviews are only one piece of the puzzle. Just like Google business profiles is one piece of the puzzle. So the website is really the center of your online presence. And it really links in closely with that Google business profile and that map pack. So make sure you’re optimizing that. Hopefully this was helpful and we’ll see on the next one.

Nick Silveri

Dr. Nick Silveri owns LVRG Media, a content marketing agency that services chiropractors who want to create great content that attracts qualified new patients.

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