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3 Types of Content for Your Chiropractic Website

By May 27, 2022December 22nd, 2022No Comments5 min read

What’s up everybody? This is Dr. Nick with LVRG media,  and today I want to talk to you about the three types of content that matter most to the success of a chiropractic website.

Chiropractic Website Content

So everybody talks about content and too many times it gets like video is kind of the elephant in the room, and that’s what everyone thinks of when they think of content marketing. But written content is really really important for your website. Not only getting across the information that you want, but also helping with SEO. Google is getting better and they’re using AI more, so they’re able to understand what the videos are about and what’s being said on the videos. 

But most people don’t have a huge amount of video on their website. It’s almost all  written word that is going to be the thing that you know decides whether you rank number one, or somebody else ranks number one. So there are three types of content outside of your homepage that are going to really matter when it comes to ranking and you know really dominating your area. 

Chiropractic Website Services

So the first one is going to be services. So like any service that you provide that people are looking for, you want to make sure that you have a page for that. So if you do, let’s say you do Gonstead Adjusting. Having a Gonstead chiropractor page, or chiropractic page, is important because if somebody’s looking specifically for Gonstead, they have a page that google knows,  “Hey, this is answering this person’s questions about who’s Gonstead chiropractor in Phoenix, Arizona.” 

You don’t have to get into every single little thing that you do. Like if somebody is not looking for e-stem, you don’t need to have an e-stem page. You could maybe have a physical therapy page and maybe e-stem as a category. But anything that somebody might be looking for that you do in the practice especially when it’s trademarked terms, like ART or Graston. Those are things that people might specifically be typing into a search engine. You want to make sure that if you do that,  and you’re able to claim that you do that,  you’ve got a page for that. 

Chiropractic Website Conditions

Next is going to be conditions. So people are always looking for the conditions that are giving them trouble. The more of those that you can have on your page the better. And the more robust those pages can be obviously the more relevant Google is going to see you as the authority.

The third type is going to be the type of patient. So this could be pregnancy, this could be kids, athletes, car accidents… there’s lots of different groups of people that don’t all have the same symptoms or same conditions, but they all kind of fall under the same category. And people might be doing searches for those types of patients specifically. 

So when you think about content on your website, and when you think about your website as a whole in general it doesn’t it doesn’t always rank. When somebody searches for chiropractor- city-state or chiropractor-near-me, that’s usually based off of your home page and the back links and maybe some other things some other elements of your website. That doesn’t always translate into the other pages of your website. So if you don’t have a low back pain page and someone else does, they’re going to be more likely to rank for low back pain because that’s going to be seen as the most relevant in Google’s eyes.

So when you’re creating content, the thing that matters the most is going to be who is the most relevant for what this person is searching for. If somebody’s looking for a chiropractor for low back pain in Austin, Texas, that Austin, Texas piece is gonna really matter in terms of the search engine results that get spit back to the searcher. So you have to make sure that you have the best content in your local area. Most people that are looking for solutions are going to be adding in that city, that state, or near me, or neighborhood that they live in if it’s in a big city. 

So you have to make sure that your content is the most relevant to those specific search terms. Those are the three that really matter the most: services, conditions, and types of patients. So hopefully you guys are creating great content for social media, but don’t forget about the website as well. We’ll see you on the next one.

Nick Silveri

Dr. Nick Silveri owns LVRG Media, a content marketing agency that services chiropractors who want to create great content that attracts qualified new patients.

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