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Create a Storybrand for Your Chiropractic Website

By May 27, 2022November 15th, 2023No Comments6 min read

Hey what’s up everybody? This is Dr. Nick with LVRG media, and today I want to talk to you about how story brand websites work. 

StoryBrand Website Guide

So if you don’t know what a story brand is, there’s a book called, “How to Build a Story Brand” by Donald Miller. Donald Miller was a screenwriter and loves storytelling itself. And thought that stories can be used to help businesses get the message out. 

So story brand is all about clarifying your message, staying focused on your ideal customer or patient, and really trying to get that uniqueness of your brand out in front of the public. So if you go through the training as a business, you will end up with a story brand at the end of it. If you go through the training, like I have to become a guide, you help other people go through the process. 

So the reason I became a certified story brand guide was because there are no certified story brand guides that are chiropractors. So I thought that it would give me a really unique ability to help chiropractors, as a fellow chiropractor who still owns the practice, to understand you know what is important to practice face to face, but then also really understand the story process at a deeper level. And then also bringing my marketing expertise into that mix as well. 

StoryBrand Chiropractic Website

So I think that that really helps guide a chiropractor. Without looking to answer real questions of chiropractic or practice, I need to know specifics about their practice. So it’s my belief that the vast majority are people that are having some type of pain. So you don’t have to be entirely pain based. It’s not a great idea to only talk about pain, but it is important to acknowledge most of the people that are coming to the website or going looking for a solution to something. Even if you are a pediatric practice, and you build the brand and people are seeking you out because of that, you still need to stay. 

Most of the people that are coming into pediatric practices with their child for the first time are coming in because the child is in pain. So you still want to stay focused on the things that the parent is going to care about regarding the  practice. 

What story brand does is it gives you a framework and a roadmap of how to really think through all of the different parts. There are seven pieces to the framework and each one of those seven pieces allows you to think of things differently in terms of what they care about. What are they looking for? What’s the problem they’re dealing with? How are you going to solve it for them? You know, what’s the call to action? What happens if they don’t get it resolved? 

So all of these things are super important to not only crafting your messaging, but also the structure of the website and how it’s going to convert that traffic. And that’s what the website really comes down to: what type of website is going to convert traffic the best. So when it comes to your online presence, it’s all about traffic and conversion. 

StoryBrand Website

So traffic is for your website. How are people getting there? Is it through organic SEO? Is it through your Google business profile? Is it through social media channels? Is it through referral sources? How are people landing on your website? And then once they’re on the website, how are they converting into what you see as a conversion? 

The vast majority of us are going to consider a new patient appointment as a conversion, or maybe you’re trying to get somebody into a webinar. Maybe you’re trying to get him to sign up for your newsletter. So I think that if you’re a brick and mortar practice, getting them in as a new patient is by far and away the best call to action (CTA). 

So making sure that the site is set up to convert people that are not currently new patients, that are going to turn into patients. So story brand does a great job of giving you that roadmap of how to do that. So if you think that your site right now is taking that scattershot approach, if you look at it and you’re not really sure… you know, what am I trying to accomplish with the site? You’re not happy with the content if you got a lot of stock imagery on there. You know, I strongly recommend you read that book about building a story brand. 

Anyone who’s marketing their own practice should absolutely be reading that whether you have an agency or not. Just so that you understand what is marketing messaging all about, what does clarifying your message mean? And just really helping you speak to those ideal patients. But if when you look at your website, you either love it or you don’t love it, it’s pretty easy to get to a place where you love it. 

And it’s usually about customizing it, getting your images up there, getting your words out there, instead of just cookie cutter content that’s put up there by website companies. So if you’re looking to improve that I strongly recommend that book, even help reach out and we’ll see You on the next one.

Nick Silveri

Dr. Nick Silveri owns LVRG Media, a content marketing agency that services chiropractors who want to create great content that attracts qualified new patients.

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