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5 Best Chiropractor Facebook Ads

By May 12, 2022December 22nd, 2022No Comments10 min read

This is Dr. Nick with LVRG Media. And today I want to talk to you about the five best types of Facebook advertising that chiropractors can do.

So every chiropractor probably at this point that owns a practice has tried Facebook Ads. Some have had some success, some have not had so much success. Three years ago, five years ago things were a whole lot easier than they are now.

So over time, you know, a lot of things have been tested; a lot of things have been tried. And these are the five types of ads that I think are going to be the most successful.

Now, when I talk about types of ads, I’m talking strictly about lead generation. So this is not content. Content is its own type of Facebook ad. But these are going to be mainly about lead generation where we’re trying to get someone to give us their Information and eventually make it into the practice.

Chiropractic Facebook Ad 1

So we’ll start with number one. Number one is going to be your ‘new patient special’. This is the type of ad that most every chiropractor is either running now as their Facebook advertising or has tried in the past.

What I don’t like about these ads, especially when they are not coupled with content, is that they can come off as kind of branding you as the ‘Coupon Chiropractor’.

So I see a lot of like $21, $17, $27 Facebook specials. It just seems cheap. And mostly whenever I see those, I ask people how often they make their health care decisions based on coupons that they see on Facebook. They say that they never do that.

So we’re expecting our ideal patients to function in a way that we don’t function as consumers.

So when you are creating new patient specials, it’s ok to just charge your regular price. Or if you are going to do a special, a price that you’re comfortable with.

Now, I’m a big believer in making the barrier of entry low into a chiropractic office because we aren’t doing, you know, high dollar one time procedures. We’re doing more, smaller dollar, multiple visit care plans in most cases.

So the first visit, charging $300 for your new patient exam to me just doesn’t make any sense as long as you’re setting people up on care plans. Especially at a pretty significant clip when they come in there saying yes to your recommendations.

So try to set up a price that you’re comfortable with. In my practice, we make the same offer. No matter how you find us, whether it’s through Facebook, or an event, or our website, or just walking by the practice. 

We’re going to charge you the same no matter what.

So I think that finding something that you’re comfortable with for spending your time and for getting that lead in the door, I think that’s the best way to go.

Chiropractic Facebook Ad 2

The second type of ad that I think is really useful is a condition specific ad. So we’re not making so much a chiropractic offer, we’re making a ‘solution to your problem’ offer.

Now, chiropractic, I would imagine, is going to be the solution to most of the problems that you’re going to be creating ads around. But I see this a lot with people that do neuropathy programs, or weight loss programs, or knee pain programs.

They are focused on the problem, and that they have a solution.

Once they come into the office, they can find out what that solution is. A lot of times, it’s a multi-pronged approach. But when you are making the types of ads I was talking about in the first example (which are chiropractor specific), you’ve kind of limited yourself to the people that think chiropractic Is the solution to the problem.

Focusing on conditions basically covers everyone. So if you’re able to help those conditions, then you want to be able to advertise what that solution is and make those people an offer to come to the office.

Chiropractic Facebook Ad 3

The third most effective type of Facebook ad that I’ve seen is a loss leader service. So this could be this could be a lot of times it’s a massage, it could be a spinal decompression, laser treatment.

So basically extra services that you add in the practice. We used to have a sauna in our practice. And so that was a great way to get athletes in the door for us. So we we’d run a special for their first sauna. Then they came in, they’d tell us what their problems were.

And then you can always cross-sell the other services in the practice. Mainly chiropractic. Massage is a great one for this. Not everybody has a massage therapist, but massage is great for this. Because you can promote massage.

Most of the people that are taking advantage of the massage special show up and usually have some problem that chiropractic is a great solution for. So again, having systems in place to be able to cross-sell, offering things that are great.

The problem with chiropractic lead generation ads is a lot of times people don’t really want to come in for chiropractic. The massage is more of a luxury almost. It’s kind of like acupuncture. They want the results that come from it. But when it comes to chiropractic or acupuncture, I find that it’s harder to get people in the practice than it is with something like massage therapy.

Chiropractic Facebook Ad 4

Number four is going to be event promotion that you are promoting within the practice where people are going to be showing up. Now, I don’t recommend spending money for events to promote things like a patient appreciation day. Where existing patients can bring in their friends or family for like a discounted rate.

That’s more of an internal promotion. You probably don’t need to use Facebook ad spend for that. You could do that through text messaging, emails, signs around the practice.

What I recommend in terms of event promotions is if you create an event that’s really geared towards attracting new people in from the outside. Like a women and wine night, a yoga and mimosa Saturday morning thing, an open house. You know, things where you’re trying to attract new people into the practice that maybe don’t have a connection to the practice.

That’s where you want to make sure that you’re spending some money to get that message out into the community. The things that I find work the best are ones that target women. And ones that are meant to have groups of friends come together and experience something in the practice. That way you get one person convinced they might bring in two more people with them.

So those are great ways to get new eyeballs on the practice. Get people walking through the door, have a fun environment which makes them more likely to trust you and sign up for a new patient appointment if that’s what you’re trying to do.

Chiropractic Facebook Ad 5

So the fifth and final type and this is probably kind of a distant fifth from the other four.

Is going to be any type of talk that you do so this could kind of fall Into three categories in my mind. This could be an in-office workshop. This could be a recorded webinar, or this could be something like a dinner with the doc.

Now, to me, I think ‘Dinner with the Doc’ is going to be the most effective when it comes to promoting things externally to people that you don’t already know because there’s a free dinner involved.

Now that becomes more expensive. Are people showing up just for the dinner? You know, those are all the problems that you kind of run into with ‘Dinner with the Doc’. If you’re doing those already, maybe you’ve already kind of figured that stuff out. But the other two, you know, they become a little bit tougher. 

Now if someone were to show up for the workshop and sit through it, they’re probably very likely to convert into a new patient. If they opt in for the webinar, they might consume it a little less just because it’s tougher to close on a webinar than it is in person. 

But it’s also available, you know, whatever they want versus a workshop. Where they’ve got a set a day and a time, get in their car, leave their house, go to a place that they haven’t been before.

So I really think that the talks, if it’s a big part of your practice, can be successful. I’ve seen it be successful with certain offices, especially the ‘Dinner with the Doc’ strategies, the webinars,  etc. Iit just kind of depends on how compelling the title is, how good you are speaking, how good you are at closing.

So unless you’ve really got something dialed in and you’ve proven it to be successful, I don’t know if I would spend a whole lot of money on it, but I would say that it’s probably, in terms of lead generation, the fifth most effective of the lead generation campaigns.

I will say this about webinars, though, and I guess the workshops would work well with this as well as the webinars: If you’ve got a really good title. Even if they never watch the webinar you have their information so that you can follow up and you know that they’re interested in the topic that you covered.

So if you can come up with a really great title, really compelling to the ideal patient that you want, then you can always follow up with them with maybe shorter pieces of content. 

You could communicate back and forth via text or via email.

So I do think that there is value in that in terms of accumulating, especially if it’s specific to a condition or a type of patient, it would be helpful to be able to accumulate that list of leads. So that you can communicate with them in the future. Whether that turns into a new patient from them watching the webinar or not, you know who’s to say but

So those are the five most Important or the most effective lead generation campaigns I think you can be doing. Obviously, I’m a big content guy, so I’m going to say that you absolutely should be creating content along with your lead generation.

But we all want to get new patients right away and be able to help as many people as possible. So these are the five campaigns that I recommend and we’ll see you on the next one.

Nick Silveri

Dr. Nick Silveri owns LVRG Media, a content marketing agency that services chiropractors who want to create great content that attracts qualified new patients.

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