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Chiropractic Facebook Video Creation

By May 17, 2022December 22nd, 2022No Comments5 min read

What’s up, everybody? This is Dr. Nick with LVRG Media. And today I want to talk to you about how long your Facebook videos should be. 

So when we’re talking about content, what’s that sweet spot for social media that will allow you to, you know, give as much information as possible, but not be too long to where people start to tune out or not even watch it in the first place.

Chiropractic Facebook Video Length

So what I have found is that three to 5 minutes is really the sweet spot for social media videos. YouTube videos are a little bit different, especially with the algorithm. And because people are on there to watch videos more, 10 minutes to 15 minutes tends to be really the best time for that platform.

But for Facebook specifically, 3 to 5 minutes seems to work very well. Instagram, it might be a little bit shorter. Tick tock, it’s even shorter. 

But Facebook ads (and that’s where most of the content the chiropractors are producing and pushing out) ii’s found 3 to 5 minutes is really the amount of time that allows you to do what you’re trying to do. Now how do you stay focused on one thing so that you are able to dive deep in 3 to 5 minutes is really the secret to creating compelling content on Facebook.

Chiropractic Facebook Ad Content

So what I recommend when it comes to really any content, but Facebook ad content specifically, is to really try to get focused on a specific condition or specific type of patient. And then pick one individual thing that you can teach, or a principle that you can get across, or a demonstration.

You know, just just one thing that somebody can take away from the videos.

So whenever I do a video, I’m always looking toward the end of the video, if someone watched it they can say, “OK, now I understand that principle”. 

So whether I’m creating content for LVRG Media, or whether I’m creating content for my practice I’m always trying to stay focused on a single principle or teaching point for 3 to 5 minutes. This I have found really allows you to get a lot of good information without dragging it out and going down paths that are irrelevant.

Anything less than 3 minutes, especially when you get into that one and a half to two minute range (that’s where a lot of chiropractic content tends to fall) I find, is that it’s just not enough time for you to get across information that’s going to be like really helpful for that specific situation.

Chiropractic Facebook Video Content

So if we’re talking about exercises. I would do “three exercises to help you with _____.” Showing someone how to do three exercises and explaining the wrong way to do it, and the right way to do it, and why this is so important for this particular situation.

It just takes some time. Each exercise you could probably spend about a minute on and get across the basic information, showing a couple of passes. And somebody feels like they really understand how to do it, why to do it, how not to do it.

And you can do that three times. That gives you 3 minutes. Gives you a little bit at the beginning and in the end to add in. You know, 30 seconds to a minute of introduction and closing. And then you got a four minute video, and it’s a perfect amount of time for somebody to consume on social media.

And it’s a perfect amount of time to really get across a point and be able to go a little bit deeper than just basically here’s the answer to the question that you might have had.

Now, if you are looking to do longer form like Facebook Lives or webinars, you can go much longer, obviously.

But what I’m talking about is just individual pieces of content that you can post on your page. You can boost out and you can get out in front of people. You want to try to be helpful, but you still want to be able to keep it short.

So you want to stay focused on one thing and you want to try to go as deep as you can into that one principle. So if you’re creating content if you’re going short, try to add a little bit more time and go deeper into the subject. If you’re rambling on, try to tighten up the subject that you’re talking about in the video.

So hopefully you guys are spreading that expertise out into your community and we’ll see you on the next one.

Nick Silveri

Dr. Nick Silveri owns LVRG Media, a content marketing agency that services chiropractors who want to create great content that attracts qualified new patients.

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