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Chiropractic Website Google Rank Calculator

By June 1, 2022December 22nd, 2022No Comments7 min read

What’s up everybody? This is Dr. Nick with LVRG media. And today I want to talk about the three most important metrics that Google uses to rank chiropractors. 

Google Rank for chiropractic

So as we all know, Google has their own secret algorithm, and they’re always tweaking it, always updating it, they can make things go up and down. But if you focus on these three metrics, you are going to have long term success with Google. And it’ll help you rise as fast as possible. 

So the three things that you want to keep in mind are first click, last click, and long click. So first click means that you are the first thing that someone clicks on when Google displays the search engine or the search engine results page. So let’s say you’ve got a page for you know, chiropractor for kids and in your area. And you are ranking number three, but your title tag, your meta description, the thing that shows up on the search engine result page, maybe that pops and that does a better job of getting the click than say the first and the second. 

Well, that’s going to be a great signal for Google because they’re jumping. The searcher is jumping over the top two results to get down to your third position result. So eventually, Google’s going to start to say, alright, well, let’s bump them up to number two and see if that makes a difference. And then eventually, if that continues to be the case, they’re going to move you up to number one. 

Chiropractic Website Rank

So the two things that really matter for first click are going to be what is the title that you give to the page (that’s called your title tag), and then the meta description. Which is a little about two sentences underneath the title tag that just lets people know what that page is about, what they can kind of expect. A lot of times, especially with chiropractic websites, these things are kind of a second thought. Or the website company does it, and they just kind of blanket all the pages with the same type of stuff. And they’re not really specific, so you’re not going to get great click through rates on things. So those are the two things you want to keep in mind: title Tags and meta descriptions. 

If you’ve got a really important page that you want to rank for, make sure that you do the Google search yourself and see what other people are doing. Do they have their title tag? How’s their meta description? And then see if yours can be improved. 

So the second thing is going to be the last click. So this means that if you are in the number one position, and you get that click for a chiropractor for kids, and that page is great. It answers all the questions that someone has. It really satisfies that sort of what we call searcher intent. It’s very relevant to the search term. You have a way for them to take action or you’ve answered all their questions. 

What last click means is that they don’t go back to the search engine result page and then click on the second thing. If they do that, that’s a bad signal to Google because it means that you didn’t answer all the questions that they had. Now if they come back to you, like say they look at you and your top two competitors and then they come back to you, and they end up you know, scheduling the patient appointment or it’s the last thing that they look at, that still will count in your favor as well.But it’s a lot better if they just never go back to the results page at all, and they just use your information. 

The third thing is going to be what we call one click. So this is where the dwell time of your website is going to matter. Dwell time means how long did they stay on a particular page or website. 

So if they are doing a Google search, once they click through to your website, Google is going to have all of that data of like, how long are they spending on that page? Are they going over to other pages? Are they converting into new patients? Google will be able to know all of the things that that person does not get on your website, assuming your tracking is set up correctly. But that long click? The more you know, the more content you can have on the pages, the more internal linking to other valuable pages around that keyword or that topic that they were looking for. 

So it’s a chiropractor for kids. Maybe they are looking for a chiropractor who sees kids but the thing they really care about is that their two year old is getting ear infections all the time and they heard that chiropractic can help with that. Well maybe on your chiropractor for kids page, you link out to a blog post, you know, five natural things that you can do for recurring ear infections.

Chiropractic Website

When they go to that blog page, maybe then it makes them a new patient special offer and they end up converting that way. So getting them into your website and then having enough content to allow them to kind of go down the rabbit hole and stay within you know inside your world, the better that is in Google’s mind so that dwell time is really important. And this is why these cookie cutter websites that have three to five pages or I’m sorry, three to five paragraphs on an individual page for all these keywords that you want to rank for.

It might get you to the top, especially in a non competitive area. Just having the page for TMJ may get you to the top of that search. But if the page sucks, and nobody cares about it, they’re not going to spend very much time on it. They’re just going to kind of quickly scan it, see that there’s nothing of real value there and then they’re probably going to click back. That’s what’s gonna screw you on the last click, and it’s also gonna screw you on the long play. 

Videos really helped with this. If somebody watches your five minute video, it’s embedded within your page. That’s five minutes that they’ve spent on the website. 

So really make sure that you focus on those three things. Again, there’s no real hack to it. It’s just good solid SEO, brand building strategy. So first click making sure that you’ve got a high click through rate. That’s gonna be your title tag, your meta description. Last click means you answer their questions and you’ve given them an easy way to convert so that they don’t have to go back and look at another chiropractors website. And the third is going to be long click. This to me means how much time are they spending on that page or on that website? 

So if you are struggling to get your pages to rank high, if you seem like you get up to that number two or three spot then you slide down to that five or six spot. One of these three things is probably the reason why so be sure to check those out. And we’ll see you on the next one.

Nick Silveri

Dr. Nick Silveri owns LVRG Media, a content marketing agency that services chiropractors who want to create great content that attracts qualified new patients.

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