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Protect Your Chiropractic Website Ranking

By June 1, 2022December 22nd, 2022No Comments6 min read

What’s up everybody? This is Dr. Nick with LVRG media. And today I want to talk to you about the one secret that will protect any chiropractor’s SEO from any Google update that comes around in the future. 

Google Algorithm Change

So Google is always updating their algorithm. And that can kind of fluctuate your rankings. It can push you up, it can push you down. They’re always adding importance to this metric, or adding in this new thing that they hadn’t worried about before, you know, devaluing something that’s been overused by marketers because marketers ruin everything. 

So with SEO, the thing that is going to matter and the number one secret to making sure that you future-proof your website and your SEO from any algorithm updates is your content. No matter what algorithm update they make, they are always going to value content more and more and more. 

They just came out with a new Instagram algorithm update where they are going to be overvaluing unique content versus shared content or repurposed content. So all the algorithms whether it’s social media or Google or Bing, or anything that’s out there that has an algorithm, they are always going to be valuing what is the most relevant content to the things that matter to this platform. 

With Google, they care the most about organizing the world’s information and answering questions that people have. The social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok, they are most interested in what is going to keep people on the platform. What’s going to make them spend the most time keeping their attention so that we can sell advertising. With Google, they know that if they can answer your questions appropriately, that you’re going to keep coming back with more and more. 

So it always comes down to selling more advertising, but they each have their own different reasons for who gets valued. Facebook really tends to overvalue engagement versus say like unique content that Instagram is valuing right now. So when it comes to Google, you’re going to want to obviously answer the questions that your searchers might have. 

Chiropractic Website Rank

We call this searcher intent. The more that you can satisfy that searcher’s intent, the more relevant Google sees you and the more they’re going to start to push your content higher and higher. So as you produce content, the thing that is going to really matter. To get you up towards the top is going to be the content that is on the page. 

So they’ll crawl your content if you’ve got X amount of keywords in there, if you get these extra keywords that they like to see on this page or that page. That’s going to be important to get you up there. That might get you into the top 10 and a less competitive area might get tuned into the top five. But what’s gonna get you to the number one spot is going to be how much more relevant you are compared to your competitors. And on another video we talked about first click, last click, long click that shows Google those metrics really prove to Google who the most relevant is.

You guys can all be kind of equal in terms of these like keyword stuffing metrics. And you know, as long as you check the basic boxes, then it comes down to how their algorithm determines who’s the most relevant versus the other. So if you are seen as relevant if your content is seen as relevant, especially in a local environment where the competition is much lower than, say, the national or regional level, you’re going to be able to survive any algorithm updates. 

As long as you’re doing things the right way with the right intention, and you’re not hacking your way to the top. There’s always little hacks that marketing coaches will sell. Like if you’re doing consulting, the way that you people hire, especially in chiropractic when they hire marketing consultants or coaches, they are looking to do it themselves. 

So they’re looking for the newest hacks and the way that you provide value to your customers. A lot of times at least what I’ve seen is that you try to be on the cutting edge of whatever the newest hack is. Well, the ultimate hack is having great content. 

Chiropractic SERP

You might be able to do little tweaks here and there. But you’re one algorithm update away (if you’re totally dependent on this one little trick that someone taught you how to do) you’re one algorithm update away from being wiped out. 

So make sure that you know your foundation really solidly so that when these things change over time, they’re always going to be everything as you know, they say the arc of history bends towards justice or something like that. But the art of search engines bends towards content, so it’s always going to be moving towards better and better content. They all have their different ways of green value that are deciding who’s the most valuable or the most relevant or the most engaging. 

But the more especially for SEO, the more that you can satisfy that searcher intent. It’s going to stand the test of time. You can always be updating things and staying up with the latest trends. If you don’t have that solid foundation to build on you’re going to be building your website presence on quicksand. So hopefully that helps you.

Nick Silveri

Dr. Nick Silveri owns LVRG Media, a content marketing agency that services chiropractors who want to create great content that attracts qualified new patients.

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